Thermal Spa - Bagni di Lucca

The thermal waters that rise from the hills around the area gave rise to the Thermal spa and the town of Bagni di Lucca. with a whole range of treatments and sessions available why not take time to pamper yourself whilst on holiday.


there has been a Spa in Bagni di lucca since roman times and it has been an influencial economic factor in the development of the town the Thermal waters arouound Bagni di Lucca became most popular during Napoleons French occupation of the region and were a particlar favorite of his sister Elisa Baciocchi who resided in the area during the summer months and built many of the buildings that now comprise the various spas in the town.

Fed from seven main springs the waters from each having different mineral content and properties the most obvious being temperature which ranges from 37 deg C to 54 deg C and is harnessed for a whole range of treatments

There are a whole range of treatments available from simple saunas and mud baths to massage and hydrotherapy, sessions can be booked throughout the summer.

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